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Mandla is a tribal district situated in the east-central part of Madhaya Pradesh. The district lies almost entirely in the catchment of river Narmada & its tributaries. A district with a glorious history, Mandla comprises of numerous rivers and endowed with rich forests. The world's famous Tiger Sanctuary, Kanha National Park located in the district, is one of the hottest targets for both the domestic as well as foreign tourists.

Tourist places


The world's famous Tiger Sanctuary, Kanha National Park located in the Mandla district, is one of the hottest targets for both the domestic as well as foreign tourists. Kanha becomes a tiger land, a home for more than 100 tigers. The area of Kanha Tiger Reserve is 1945 sq. Km. Kanha is a destination for wildlife visitors from all over the world.

The Kanha Reserve is governed under the wildlife ( Protection) Act, 1972 and the reserve rules. Project Tiger, one of the largest conservation scheme in the world, was launched in India in 1973 with the objectives 'to ensurethe maintenance of a viable population of the tiger in India and to preserve, for all times, such areas as park of our national heritage for the benefit, education and enjoyment of future generations'. Kanha was among the first nine Reserves included in the Project Tiger Network in 1973. Kanha has distinguished itself by bringing back from an imminent extinction the Central Indian Swamp Deer also called Barasingha. Only 66 specimens of the sub-species were left in 1970. Scientific management and strict monitoring has recovered the population to around 330 specimens.

Mammals There are twenty two species of mammals identified e.g. Chital or Spotted deer, Sambar, Barasingha, Barking deer, Chousingha, Gaur, Langur, Wild pig, Jackal, Sloth bear, Wild dog, Panther, Tiger.

Birds There are around 260 species of birds identified, e.g., Peafowl, Jungle fowl, pained spur fowl, grey partridge, Painted Partridge, Indian roller, Racket tailed drongo, Red wattled lapwing, Yellow wattled lapwing.

Park Timing

Park Entrances

Opening     : November 1 to June 30

Excursions : Morning and Evening

( Timing vary with season )

Khatia ( Mandla District)

Mukki ( Balaghat District)

Distance by Road

Jabalpur - Mandla - Chiraidongri - Khatia - Kisli : 160 KM

Jabalpur - Mandla - Chiraidongri - Tatri -Baihar -Mukki : 187 KM

Nagpur - Seoni - Nainpur - Chiraidongri - Khatia - Kisli : 255 KM

Nagpur -Seoni -Nainpur -Chiraidongri -Tatri -Baihar -Mukki: 280 KM

Nagpur - Seoni - Nainpur - Balaghat - Baihar - Mukki: 287 KM

Raipur - Simga - Kawardha - Chilpi - Supkhar - Mukki : 178 KM

Bilaspur - Pandaria -Chilpi - Supkhar - Mukki : 188 KM

Gondia - Balaghat - Baihar - Mukki: 125 KM

Durg - Gondia - Malajkhand - Mukki: 169 KM

Rajnandgaon - Khairagarh - Malajkhand - Mukki: 181 KM


Only petrol cars and jeeps allowed inside the park.

State Transport, MPSTDC ( also cars ) and private buses available between Jabalpur & Kisli.

Taxis available at Jabalpur & Nagpur.

Gypsys available at Khatia & Mukki for Park Excursions.

Hotels in Mandla….

 “Tourist Motel (MP Tourism)”            “Hotel Satyam”


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