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Travel and Tourism in Madhya Pradesh is in rapid transistion phase 27 September, 2014

Travel and Tourism in Madhya Pradesh is in rapid transistion phase, efforts by goverment, various departments and other concerning agencies have started showing positive results. A comprehensive growth of a sector is only possible when all those involved in this sector do their best assuming  a collective responsibility and not only the responsibility of a chosen few. On the other hand the Goverment agencies also should involve the private sector to a great extent for over all healthy growth and long term long lasting development. 

Tourism involves people from many sectors right from an individuals to corporates and even multi national companies. While discussing about the progess one should also recognise the efforts of small enterpreneurs and individuals who are also in one way or the other contributing in the aggrigate development. Recognizing the importance and role of individuals and cooperation among all involved is a must. If we look at the majority of tourists visiting MP, largely prefer economical and budget services and are served and enterntained by the middle level service providers.
These service providers constitute more than 75% of the total service providers. These unorganised and independent service providers emerges on their own, sustains on their own and flourish on their own and always very less is being done for their involvement and promotion.

From past 10 years we are doing our best efforts to globally promote those private sector service providers online through website. It is upto these service providers to actively join us & promote their products and services in the domestic as well as global community which is using internet as the only means of information collection and decision is the most common search option among visitors online.

Now a days most of the service providers be they HOTELS, RESORTS, CAR RENTALS OR TOUR OPERATORS, they have their own individual online websites, some of them even along with online payment enabled, but have they ever thought that why and how could a user on internet search and reach to their websites or them ? Their websites remains unreachble to most the users due to thousands of similar search results lsting that appears on thier screens on a single click. The situation is as similar to that of a single shop in big market which is just as other shops and the possibiltiy of a customer reaching directly to a shop is by luck or by chance.
At due to the top level domain (TLD) feature and the natural instict of the web, it attains prominent position in online search results thus visitors reaches to website very easily. If the service providers displays themselves on a most active, dynamic and naturally more popular, widely acceptable and easily accessable 24 x 7 global platform then there is a great possibility of reaching to targeted visitors without much extra efforts. Once visitors reached to the displayed info he could be redirected to any individial website for more detailed information and possibility for converting to a confirmed booking is more than that of a individual site. The situation of an unnoticed business identity in a big market changes to a noticable business identlity as that of a attactive showroom in a popular mall having huge footfalls.

Being online for more than 10 years this website has proved in itself its commitment, its online popularity and self sustaining nature.  We welcome each and every travel & tourism service provider working in our MP to join us. Come we all collectively create a much more comfortable travel and tourism in Madhya Pradesh.
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