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Maihar Palace


The two ways of visiting Maihar would be by way of a traveller and by way of a pilgrim. A tourist or an adventure enthusiats would explore and feed himself with congruent knowledge on wildlife and nature in Panna, Bhadhavgarh, Kanha and Pench. A pilgrim would fill his heart with holiness and witness the divinity in Goddess Maa Sharda and at the temples in&around. 
A music enthusiast can be enthralled by the famous “Maihar Band’s” original compositions, the true descendants of the Baba Alaudin Khan & H.H.Maharaja Brijnath Singh Ju Deo’s Maihar Gharana.
Get smitten by the majestic beauty of art, architechture,holiness and nature that wrap you daily in their bossom, persuade you to live with them in a serene and spaceous environment that quit your life of solemn trifles. Do bird-watching,star-gazing,reading relaxing,idling,touring the Palace and stroling over the open spaces. Blanket yourself in a complete homely atmosphere and feel at home away from home.
Best Season to Visit Maihar: October – February
Get away from the swarms of urban drones that buzz in and out of you and comfort yourself at the royal apartments to seek peace and serenity.
Maiahar Heitage Palace Bed & Breakfast includes a luxury stay in a royal ambience, with some home cooked cuisine specific to the region.
A comfortable stay is accompanied by a Tour of the Royal Palace, where the insightful staff takes your through the palaces history.
We also organize Village Tours for our guests to get a feel of the local culture.
An evening in jungles with dinner under the stars and local dances to enchant you can be organized at near-by forest.
 Note:Vehicles for Travel can be organized on request
LetMaiharPalace be a stop en-route Bhandhavgarh-Panna to tickle your taste buds and feast on some palatable Indian, regional and continental delights. Here art and luxury work as enhancement and sequel to the natural beauty of nature. A royal revel, most heart rejoicing environment establishes itself at the palatial structures where anciently reported spell creeps on you. Let the knapsack of tension and fatigue fall off your back and plain pleasures revitalize you amidst the royal aura.
The Maihar Heritage Palace organizes tours to the adjoining villages for the guests to have a feel of the local life. The tour includes trips to the local mat weaving & pottery works special to the region. The villagers make way for some local entertainment with Bhagelkhandi dance (Rai) performances .
Explore the architechtural marvel, the buildings built in different eras and styles. A blend of both traditionalIndian and European architectural styles in the 1930's is what you'll discover here.Know the history,study the various systems and enjoy your own discoveries at the Royal Heritage.
Maihar Palace & Fort is an ideal location for hosting conferences, seminars & business meets. The royal ambience is combined with the latest business amenities and is sure to add a contemporary and innovative touch to your event.
The joy of hosting a celebration at the Maihar Palace & Fort is unparalleled, with its grandeur and magnificent setting which is sure to make the attendees feel like a part of the royal court! The royal décor, with excellent traditional catering is sure to make your celebrations come alive. 
                                          Sat - Stats 
                                       24° 16' 0" N / 80° 45' 0" E
Maihar is located on the Bombay-Howrah(BG) Rail with a fully functional railwaystation.On the road route it lies on the NH7 which runs from Varanasi-Kanayakumari thereby providing good connectivity with Jabalpur,Bhopal,Indore,Mumbai,Allahabad,Khajuraho,Panna, Kanha, Bhandhavgarh.
 Nearest airport are at Jabalpur and Khajuraho with flights available to Mumbai and Delhi

MaiharHeritagePalace & Fort 
              BrijVillasPalace (Kila Maihar) 
                  P.O: Maihar - 485771 
                     Dist : Satna 
           Madhya Pradesh (India
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